About us

What do people usually do during various festivals, events, etc.? Listen to music, enjoy junk food or just walk around... We suggest to spend time a little bit differently – doing active and funny activities!

Just imagine – entertainments, adrenaline, laugh, excitement, competition, nice weather, good company, great mood... There is one word which describes all of these pleasures and it's FUGA!

FUGA – lots of funny and interesting inflatables where we can guarantee unforgettable experience! „Sweeper“ will sweep you out of his way, you will knock down your friends in „bowling game“... Moreover – you could play football with long skirts, or basketball where you are banded with your opponent. Oh, we forgot about our funny „bubbles“ which can throw you to any direction of the world!

Sounds funny? It truly is! These and lots of other games and inflatables will let everyone to spend an exciting freetime.

Have fun with FUGA.LT!