Basketball game

There is new era of playing basketball – now it's more interesting and tougher sport where other player isn't your teammate, it's your opponent!


The sweeper

Do you want to compete with your friends or try your balance and jumping? Let's grapple with a sweeper! He never stops, he is so fierce and ruthless, and he sweep you out of his way if you gape just for a second... And then he goes around again and again looking for another victim...

Can you dare to challenge him?



Try yourself on our treacherous bubbles. Why treacherous? Because when you jump on the first one… nobody knows how you gonna land on another one! Other bubbles can become unreachable for you: very treacherous bubble can throw you to the side ant then you'll have the only opportunity – try over and over again. It is possible to get over these bubbles, but are you able to do this?


Volleyball game

Forget about gyms, courts or warm beach sand. From now on the volleyball will be played in another way! Take some of your friends, find opponents and play volleyball which will be a little bit different – here you will try to make a punch but also you will consider how to keep one's feet because a platform for this game is inflatable.


For your celebrations - Inflatable scene

We rent inflatable scenes for city events, shows, concerts and private celebrations. Like aluminum construction scenes, inflatable scenes can be used for indoor and outdoor events.


Children playground

The youngest rascals will find this inflatable to be very attractive – in the children playground kids will have lots of interesting activities and will feel like in real pirate ship.


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